We have Bill Mayer Seats For Test Rides!
Another Beautiful Spring Day in front of our store.
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2014 S1000R
2014 RnineT
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We will have Wood Fired Personal Pizzas available for purchase, made to order! Wayne Koppa will join us and share his stories of his travels from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Key West, Florida. His mission on this journey was to END POLIO NOW!  More of his story below. For the website created for this event, click here: http://www.razoo.com/story/Coast-To-Coast-The-Hard-Way   Help End Polio Now! In 1985 when Rotary began the polio eradication initiative the world’s children suffered from 1000 new cases of paralytic polio every day. Since then new cases of polio have been reduced to fewer than 225 in 2013, and confined to only three endemic ...
07/11/2014 End Polio NOW Event Saturday, July 12, 2 ... Read More »
In appreciation for the compliment and sacrifice of our men and women serving in the US armed forces, BMW Motorrad USA is pleased to announce a special motorcycle purchase program for all active members of the US armed forces, to enable them to purchase the BMW Motorcycle of their choice for personal use. Only new, unregistered BMW Motorcycles qualify.   S-Series              -$750 K-Series              -$500 R-Series              -$400 C, G, & F Series  -$250 Active members include active duty (including activated Reservists) of the US Air ...
01/09/2014 2014 Military Purchase Program ... Read More »
In appreciation for the commitment and sacrifice of our men and women providing emergency services to our communities, BMW Motorrad USA is pleased to announce a special motorcycle purchase program for all Emergency Services active members, to enable them to purchase the BMW motorcycle of their choice for personal use. Only new, unregistered BMW Motorcycle qualifies. K-Series                              $500 R-Series, S-Series                $400 G-Series, F-Series, C-Series  $250 May not be combined with BMW MOA / BMWRA / VBMWMO Club Offer...
01/09/2014 2014 BMW Emergency Services Purchase Pro ... Read More »
BMW Motorrad USA is please to announce the "Ride Smart Reward" program for all new and returning riders that are recent graduates of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course.  Receive $500 in BMW Apparel with the purchase of a new BMW motorcycle. Rider must have completed the MSF Basic Rider Course within 90 days prior to the purchase date. May not be combined with other special purchase programs including BMW MOA/BMW RA/VBMWMO Club Offers, Military, Emergency Services, MSF RiderCoach, BMW Group/Center Employee, or Valued Vendor Purchase Programs....
01/09/2014 2014 "Ride Smart Reward" ... Read More »
Blaine,I wanted to give you some feedback on my GS that I purchased from Andrea. I found her to be most helpful, enthusiastic, and informed on the protocols in the sale. Most importantly she still remembers me by name, when I visit your store, which is a great attribute for a continued relationship. This past week I had the occasion to have my GS in for service, and as you know I can be rather critical if things aren't done the way they should be. My contact in service was with Bruce, I called several days in advanced and clearly outlined what I wanted to have done upon my arrival. When I dropped the GS off, Bruce had everything documented exactly as w...
Jimmy Patrick ... Read More »
Besides the fact we've been friends for years, this is a dealership you can call home. Andrea rocks as a knowledgeable sales person, and all staff are similarly educated and helpful. My departed husband and I bought (30?-I lost count) motorcycles from Blane over the years and never had an issue with any of the bikes or service (except Rod bought the same bike twice during his many purchases-a story we love to relive ). I look forward to new experiences on the 2014 F700GS! I will speak for Rod and myself - top notch bikes at a top notch dealership. - Tuny Pierce, PhD...
Tuny Pierce ... Read More »