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Jimmy Patrick
Posted on 09/08/2013

I wanted to give you some feedback on my GS that I purchased from Andrea. I found her to be most helpful, enthusiastic, and informed on the protocols in the sale. Most importantly she still remembers me by name, when I visit your store, which is a great attribute for a continued relationship.

This past week I had the occasion to have my GS in for service, and as you know I can be rather critical if things aren't done the way they should be. My contact in service was with Bruce, I called several days in advanced and clearly outlined what I wanted to have done upon my arrival. When I dropped the GS off, Bruce had everything documented exactly as we discussed days before. In addition, he suggested changing the final drive every 6k, vs. BMW's recommended 12k. It wasn't a sales tactic, he explained the added benefits, and costs in
doing so. From my vantage point, your service department has made significant gains in customer service. Bruce is easy to deal with, informed, and demonstrates a genuine interest in providing top quality customer service.

In addition, I found the GS OEM windshield something less than adequate, I spoke with Ken in parts and he suggested a couple of models from Ztechnik, after doing a little research on line. I called Ken and had him order one of the models he originally recommended. The Ztechnik shield significantly improves my overall riding experience.

Lastly, I very happy with the GS. My thanks to Andrea, Bruce, and Ken for all their help.


Jim Patrick
Traverse City, MI