Ladies First Track Day 2014
07/04/2014 from 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids

will be a sponsor for the

2014 Ladies First Track day!


When: Friday, July 4th 2014

Where: Grattan Raceway

How Much: 

  • Non-Member Price: $170
  • Member Price: $120


Sportbike Track Girl will be returning to Grattan Raceway for the "Ladies First" all-female track day again this year, and BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids is a main sponsor! 

This event is reserved for female riders only, and will include a goody bag full of items from sponsors and a T-shirt.  The day will end with a raffle of awesome bike related items including gift cards for future track days!  There will be several vendors set up, and coaches available to help riders all day.  Grattan is located about 25 miles northeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The track is a 2.0 mile long, winding, hilly road course with 10 very challenging corners. Uphill, downhill ascending and descending radius turns, Monza bowl, esses, a hidden apex hairpin, and even a downhill reverse camber corner combined with a 3,200 foot straight makes for a very FUN course!

The "Ladies First" day will follow a traditional track day weekend, with 3 groups (Novice, Intermediate, and Advance) running 20 minute sessions each. Riders that are new to the track or have limited intermediate track experience can participate in the Novice group where they will receive on-track instruction with a coach, and classroom sessions teaching proper body position, track lines, and track riding etiquette. Instructors will accompany riders on all track sessions throughout the day.  Ladies First will also be ran with the three groups. 

Please make sure you are a ST-Girl member to take advantage of the discounts available.


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