Adventure Bike Enduro Skills Class
11/05/2013 at 9:00 AM - 11/06/2013 at 5:00 PM

We are heading down to Spartanburg, North Carolina to BMW's Performance Center for an Adventure Bike Enduro Skills Class. Limitied spots are available, so reserve your spot now! Call Blane or Andrea for more information and to reserve your seat. 616 530 6900




This two-day program is the pinnacle of offroad rider training. Even if you’ve traveled the world and ridden miles of non-paved roads, we’ll help you reach the next level in adventure riding.

After a brief classroom session, you’ll rank yourself when it comes to riding off road and then head outside to start riding. 

Day one focuses on building and establishing a foundation for riding off road. Throughout the morning you will work on skills such as proper vision, steering technique, tight circles, figure eights, braking techniques and more. In the afternoon, the learning continues as you are taught how to negotiate ruts, washboards, small hills and gravel.

Day two continues with more learning and greater challenges. You’ve learned how to climb small hills, now it’s time to go big! 

Practice safely climbing and descending steep hills, as well as recovering from a stopped position on an incline. We will even teach you what to do should you fall over on a hill.

The second half of day two, we combine more learning with some friendly competition in the sand and dirt. You’ll cross deep water, power slide around corners and maybe even get some tires off the ground. You’ll be having so much fun you may not realize we managed to sneak in a whole bunch of education. If the off-road is your playground, let us take you to school. It’s an education that will last a lifetime.